3 Steps to Configure Your Iphone with VPN

Transmitting data over a public network can be risky when cyber criminals and online behavior tracking software are hot on your tail. Modern smart phones such as the iPhone encourage the use of VPN during internet sessions by integrating VPN and VPN settings into the iPhone’s default settings options.

Option 1 – DIY in 6 Steps

  • Setting up your iPhone’s VPN connection is an easy 6 step process!
  • Tapping Settings > General > Network > VPN will bring you to the VPN configuration menu. If you are using a VPN on your iPhone for the first time, your VPN will display a Non Configured indicator.
  • Tapping it will allow you to adjust your iPhone’s VPN settings by either adding a new VPN configuration or by editing a former VPN configuration if you already have one. You may also choose from a former VPN configuration if you already have multiple configurations entered in.
  • Adding a configuration will bring you to the Add Configuration page where you may select one of the three VPN protocols available in the iPhone (L2TP, PPTP and IPSec).
  • Take your pick from the protocols and fill out the fields with the information provided to you by the VPN service provider. You will need to fill in specifics on the description (the name of the VPN connection) as well as the server, account, password and encryption level (all of which your VPN service provider will give you).
  • Tapping save on your iPhone once all the relevant information has been entered will bring you back to the configuration menu. This time your recently added VPN configuration will be visible by the name you added in the Descriptionfield.
  • You may then activate and deactivate your iPhone’s VPN connection at will by using the On/Off slider. Remember, you can enter in more than one VPN configurations and come back to select an alternative VPN configuration at any time.

Option 2 – Get an App

Don’t want the hassle? Do what we did: choose a VPN service provider that does all the tweaking and fine tuning. The best VPN services in the market now provide VPN apps specifically for iPhone. Simply download, install and use VPN applications just like you would use any other normal VPN client on your desktop computer or on your iPad.

VPN apps with screen-by-screen tutorials (custom designed for the iPhone) can prove to be very useful when using an iPhone VPN service on your iPhone for the very first time. These nifty apps let you choose your desired protocol and server so you can be ready to use your purchased VPN service on your iPhone within minutes. Take PureVPN for example. Sporting to-the-point tutorials and round-the-clock customer support to back up VPN users, PureVPN’s iPhone app simplifies everything.

It even recommends servers and protocols best suited to your need.

Option 3 – Hand it Over!

Using the right software and hardware anybody can catch all your private data that is transmitted through the air waves every time you are on your iPhone. No matter how you connect to the internet, your iPhone gives you the world in the palm of your hand – and unless you get an iPhone VPN service, your world is in danger.

Every time you buy, sell, compare, log in, log out, and share, you are at risk.

Don’t let these cybercriminals make away with your personal information, and those of your loved ones, that easily.

So, which option will you choose?

Key Takeaways

  • The iPhone encourages the use of VPN during internet sessions
  • Setting up an iPhone’s VPN connection is an easy 6 step process
  • The best VPN services in the market now provide VPN apps specifically for iPhone
  • VPN apps provide screen-by-screen tutorials and let you choose desired protocols and servers

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