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Best Free VPN Services For 2016

It can be scary to know that the Internet is not a safe place where your private life is private, but there is a solution! Actually, there are several solutions, but out of all, a reliable VPN service is the best choice for both individual and company users. VPN service offers can be paid or free and users have the possibility to choose according to their budget and requirements.

Maybe you’ll be tempted to start with a free VPN and see how things go, but if you’re not limited by budget, our recommendation is to look for a paid service. Free VPN services may be useful, but they do have their limitations and don’t stand up at the same level with paid ones. Today, we’re going to talk about the best free VPNson the market with both their positive and negative features.

Top 10 best free VPNs For 2016

#1: Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is considered one of the best free VPNs currently on the market as it allows users to overcome censorship and access geographically blocked content. Also, it is great for securing your WiFi connection when you access public networks (in a coffee place or a club) and all your online sessions are HTTPS encrypted and malware protected.

Hotspot Shield offers free clients for the most popular platforms out there: Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Even though this free VPN service gets very close to what a paid version has to offer, it has some limitations. For example, you only have access to US servers and you will be continuously bugged by advertisements and invitations to install various tools developed by their sponsors.

#2: CyberGhost

An easy to use service with a few interesting features, CyberGhost is based in Romania. They implement a strong security system and even practice a no-log policy for the free version. Even though it is a free service, it won’t slow down your connection and you’ll have access to any geographically restricted content you want. Even more, they use an AES 256-bit encryption which is quite difficult to beat.

The platforms supported by CyberGhost are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The free version limitations are ads (no Ad Blocker), only 1 device can connect, and it won’t prevent online tracking or force HTTPS.

#3: Spotflux

Spotflux offers complete online anonymity as it uses millions of cloud-based real-time calculations in order to provide the best security possible. The speed is not fantastic, but you will get used to it pretty quickly. Also, another shortcoming is the configuration: proxies have to be configured manually.

Spotflux is available for all the popular platforms right now so you can easily install it on your Windows computer, Mac, Android or iOS device.

#4: TunnelBear

If you’re not a heavy online user, then TunnelBear might be the free VPN service for you. You will receive 500 MB of data each month and while you are connected you will be able to access any blocked content and keep your data safe.Still, P2P file sharing is not permitted on the free version and the download is capped.

You will be able to connect 5 devices simultaneously which is quite great. TunnelBear accepts Android and iOS for mobile devices and Windows and Mac for desktops.

#5: Betternet

Just like the name says, this VPN service is trying to create a better Internet for everybody, and they actually manage to make a difference. They do offer the same basic features as any paid service but with a slower speed. Also, they do not keep logs and don’t bother you with annoying ads.

As a free user you are anonymous online, have access to blocked content, and you are protected against malicious attacks. Even more, the service is easy to use and can be used both as a VPN client and as a browserplugin. It will work on Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android, and Windows.

#6: SurfEasy

The free version is very similar in offer with TunnelBear. Thus, you can connect with 5 devices simultaneously and you’ll receive 500 MB each month to surf safely and secure public WiFi connections. You can gather more data if you convince friends to join you in your quest of being safe online and submit to SurfEasy.

All the clients are easy to use and you can install it on Windows, Mac, iOS, Opera, Chrome, and Android. On the cons side, no P2P filesharing is supported (so no torrents) and the speed is not great.


A very suited name for a VPN service and one of the solutions we find to be quite acceptable, even as a free version. The service uses the latest VPN security protocols and has servers all around the world allowing access to blocked content.

The free version is, of course, limited and only allows access to 3 locations (Canada, Singapore, and Netherlands)while the data transfer is only 2GB per month. For now, both free and paid versions are available only for Windows, Android, and iOS.

#8: SecurityKISS

Even though the name is a bit weird for a VPN service, the features are considerable. Just like TunnelBear and SurfEasy, SecurityKISS will offer you a limited free version but with the same level of security and access to blocked content as the paid version. For example, you will get 300 MB each day which is enough for moderate internet usage, but you’ll only have access to servers from the US, UK, France, and Germany. You won’t have email access and only one device will be able to connect with the account.

The supported platforms are: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

#9: GetPrivate

This free VPN service offers the same main features as all the above: online privacy, access to blocked content, and protection against malicious software. However, the only platform it will work on is Windows and you’ll feel a significant speed reduction.

#10: ZPN

The free version comes with a monthly quota of 10GB and limited bandwidth, but it won’t keep any traffic logs. This will ensure that your online activity will stay private and anonymous regardless of the situation. As a free user, there only be 1 allowed connection and you’ll have access to only 5 of their worldwide locations.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are lots of free VPN services on the market but none of them is completely reliable. Even more, most of them are limited and the biggest limitation is the speed. According to users everywhere, a free VPN service will slow down your Internet connection with up to 50%. And this can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to use online streaming services!

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