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Best VPN for Torrenting & P2P Filesharing 2016

We all know or, at least, have heard about online piracy and legal problems regarding torrents or P2P networks. Even though there are protocols out there (BitTorrent is a good example) that can be used safely, the concept of filesharing and torrenting are still considered something illegal or, at least, a bit shady when it comes to copyright piracy.

This is why many VPN services introduced the possibility to access P2P networks using an anonymous IP address. These are called Torrent VPNs and they offer the following important features:

  • Hiding a user’s real address from anyone tracking a certain torrent. When you use a BitTorrent protocol, your IP address is visible to anyone downloading the same file. But, if you use a Torrent VPN, people will only see the address of the VPN server.
  • Your online activity is hidden from your ISP and they won’t be able to know when and if you are downloading files using a torrent.

Of course, not all VPNs allow this behavior and those who do implement limitations. For example, there are VPN services that allow filesharing on all servers except those from the US. However, a VPN service that allows you to access P2P networks will definitely include this in their offer.

5 BEST VPN For Torrenting 2016:

Rank Provider Features Price Website
1 expressvpn logo
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 78 + Countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • Unlimited Speed
$8.33/ month

30-Day Refund Policy

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2 Purevpn logo
  • 5 Simultaneous Login
  • 8000 + IPs
  • 500+ Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
$4.16/ month

7-Day Refund Policy

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3 Private Internet Access Logo
  • 3752+ Servers
  • 18+ countries
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 7-Day Refund Policy
$3.33/ month

7-Day Refund Policy

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4 HidemyassVPN-logo
  • 103,000+ IPs
  • 190+ countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 30-Day Refund Policy
$6.55/ month

30-Day Refund Policy

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5 ipvanish-logo
  • 25,000+ IPs
  • 60+ countries
  • 2 Multi Logins
  • 7-Day Refund Policy
$6.49/ month

7-Day Refund Policy

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The Best VPN For Torrenting

In order to discover the best VPN for torrents you must take into consideration a few factors:

  • The jurisdiction under the company is registered to – Always make sure to check where the company owning the VPN service is registered. Usually, companies registered in Europe or the US, have to obey the governmental institutions and provide information like traffic logs for each suspected user.
  • Are they keeping logs – in order to ensure complete anonymity and privacy protection, VPN service should not keep any traffic logs. Still, if obliged by law, some companies will keep a form to identify users in the case the law was broken using their servers.
  • A good VPN for torrents will offer access to BitTorrent and other filesharing protocols on all their servers. If you see any restriction, make sure to ask the provider why and how these may affect you.

The Fastest VPN For Torrents

Given the fact that you are using a VPN service to download or upload files for sharing networks, you will definitely have to consider both the download and the upload speed. Make sure to test the speed on all servers that interest you and don’t accept anything that goes under 20 Mb/s for download speed and 15 Mb/s for upload speed.

Factors that make VPN Perfect For Torrenting

The best VPN for torrenting will have to implement a series of features that, when brought together, make the perfect solution for using P2P networks. These features are as follows:

  • Fast connectivity – you shouldn’t wait around for minutes to get connected to the server you want. A good VPN service should get you connected in seconds to any of its servers, regardless of the load capacity.
  • Fastest speeds – never compromise when it comes to speed! A VPN service that slows your internet connectivity will become frustrating in time and you might regret that 1-year subscription. Make all the necessary speed tests, especially with large files to see how your VPN service behaves.
  • Complete anonymity – A VPN service that respects its clients will never keep traffic logs. Also, they should offer anonymous payment methods like BitCoin. Only then you will be able to enjoy your online privacy and use P2P networks completely safe.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – these days most VPN services put this in their offer. Still, unlimited bandwidth means in the limit of the existing capacity load. For example, if a server is extremely crowded, you will receive enough bandwidth to allow other users to browse as well.
  • Logless for real – You always have to check a VPN service’s Privacy Policy and Terms of use. Some solutions, even though specify no logs, mention somewhere in these documents that some logs will actually be kept. So pay a great deal of attention before subscribing.
  • Uptime – Most VPN services today manage to offer uptime between 99% and 100%. This means that all servers are active and they will manage any defection or malfunction without affecting your online activity.

Regardless of the service you decide to choose, you must know that you will be safe from prying eyes. Torrenting with a VPN service that does not keep logs and implements good speeds will allow you to use any P2P network you want. Still, you also must know that no reliable VPN solution will tolerate illegal activities, so make sure to keep it safe from your side as well.

How To Use Utorrent Anonymously

If you’ve ever used a P2P network, then you must’ve heard about uTorrent. This app is actually a BitTorrent client (one of the most popular) and many users all over the world have it installed on their computers.

There are two main ways to use this app anonymously:

  1. With a VPN service
  2. With a Proxy service

The main differences between these two services are in their speed (a VPN is usually slower), the level of anonymity (a VPN service is always better here), and server locations (with a proxy you are limited to several locations). Some of the best proxy services to use with BitTorrent are Torguard and BTGuard.

Some of the best VPN service for torrenting may also include a free proxy service just for situations when you need more speed and less privacy protection.

However, if you’re wondering which to choose, a VPN service or a Proxy Service, our opinion is that a VPN will be of more use. Here are the main features that make the VPN service better:

  • Easier to setup and comes with its own client
  • Lots of servers to choose from (the best services even take you around the world)
  • You can choose the security protocol according to your needs
  • The connection is always encrypted.

DNS Leaks & ISP Throttling

DNS leaks are a serious issue with VPN services and you must make sure to discuss it with your VPN service provider before committing. First of all, a DNS leak is a breach in the VPN security protocol that allows the ISP to see what you are doing online while you think you are protected by an encrypted connectivity.

If you want to check your current VPN service, simply go to and run a DNS leak test while connected to the VPN. If in results you see IP addresses that come from your ISP, then you have a leak.

To prevent this or to solve the problem, you can do the following actions:

  • Select a VPN service that already has DNS leak protection
  • Change your DNS server settings and use a public server like Google Public DNS or OpenDNS.

ISP throttling is a shady practice that some ISPs use in order to discourage people from connecting to P2P networks. This means that they will slowdown speeds automatically when protocols like BitTorrent are in use. This practice is heavily put in use in countries like US and UK while countries like Greece and Romania are more BitTorrent friendly.

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