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So you are a Samsung Galaxy user and like surfing the internet from your beloved device countless times a day? That’s all and well if you are not concerned about your privacy. However, if you are concerned about the privacy and security of your data, then what you need is a Samsung Galaxy VPN. While some people recommend using a standalone Antivirus, using it runs the risk of losing out on internet security.

On the other hand, if you go for a VPN, there is so much more you get for your hard-earned bucks like complete internet security, foolproof anonymity, and accessibility beyond belief.

Keep on reading if you want to enjoy a superb internet experience on your Samsung Galaxy.

The First Samsung Galaxy Phone – Where it all began!

The first Samsung Galaxy phone came out in the summer of 2009. The Samsung Galaxy i7500 was Samsung’s response to the growing iPhone consumer market.

Built to function on the Android operating system, the Galaxy series has been able to evolve rapidly since then. As the rapidly expanding Samsung Tab and Samsung Note product lines are providing Samsung a strong market position, it is imperative to realize the potential for security weaknesses.

Expanding Product Lines and Increasing Security Threats

As the Samsung Galaxy product line expands, so does the volume of compatible software and apps.

Thanks to the Android operating system, App developers are working day and night to come up with new apps that can do more for Samsung Galaxy users. Everybody wants a piece of the pie (when I say pie, I mean your wallet).

This means a better lifestyle for all of us, but only if we take the necessary precautions. The increasing amount of time we are spending on the internet through our smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy, has brought new security challenges for our own information like passwords, credit card numbers, internet activities, and more!

Make a Stand and Pick One

None of us has the time to read a dozen product reviews and get into the hassle of free trials. Realistically, this leaves people like you and me with two options: Antivirus OR VPN!

Antivirus: While it protects your beloved Samsung Galaxy from viruses, it doesn’t stand a chance against internet surveillance, password hacking, and other means of stealing your online information.

Moreover, if you buy a new anti-virus for your Android based Samsung Galaxy then you will need updates, patches, and long scans every once in a while!

VPN: Get hold of a VPN and use it every time you want to connect to the internet. A VPN will protect your privacy and security online while preventing malicious software from gaining access to your Samsung Galaxy. As all servers of a good VPN provider have got updated Antivirus software running on them, you get the benefits of an Antivirus too when you purchase a VPN. 

Why a VPN and Not an Antivirus for Your Samsung Galaxy

Hackers reverse engineer Android apps all the time. They crack the code, and squeeze in malware that converts the app into an info transmitter.

You may think you’re scanning your Samsung Galaxy for viruses, but you’ll actually be doing something like sending your contact list to a hacker. How often does this happen? IT students do it for fun in their spare time.

A VPN doesn’t let such apps from getting access to the system. Even if a one-in-a-million app manages to get through, the data it sends back to the hacker is completely encrypted and utterly unusable.

A Samsung Galaxy VPN is your best companion to enjoy a safe and secure internet. Period.

Key Takeaways

  • An antivirus can be a Trojan horse. It will fry your Samsung Galaxy. Go for a good VPN.
  • The market is full of firewalls, anti-virus, anti-phishing software, VPN and other such software. Everybody wants a piece of YOUR pie!

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