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According to a research by the Washington D.C. based Pew Research Center this May, 85% American adults use the internet while 56% American adults own internet-enabled smart phones.

This places the USA second (behind China) in the list of countries with the highest number of internet users. Best USA VPN services are mentioned below!


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The Guardian reported that the NSA has a special program in place to monitor users’ internet data. This program, referred to as the Prism program, is allegedly capable of collecting data directly from the servers of internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple. Think that is worrying? The Guardian also highlighted that this program has been in place since 2007!

Still wondering where VPN fits into the big picture when it comes to the USA? This is not the first time that headlines have drawn attention to internet privacy issues in the USA. In this every-man-for-himself scenario, relying solely on firewall and antivirus software simply does not cut it anymore.

Information is Power in the US

We have only discussed just one side of the picture. A lot more than your privacy is at stake here! The internet has revolutionalized theft just as much as it has revolutionalized life in the USA. Information is power, and getting hold of information is becoming increasingly easy!

Gone are the days when somebody had to go through your trash to find a discarded credit card you forgot to cut or a half torn post-it with your bank account number on it. Times have changed in the US and it is now unbelievably easy to get hold of all your information through the internet.

USA VPN is the Need of the Hour

If you have friends or customers in the US, you want to make sure nobody reroutes your payments, exhausts your credit, steals your leads and/or email-bombs your clients/contacts. You want to get hold of a VPN for the US!

According to a press release by AT&T, the US Postal Service recently awarded AT&T Government Solutions with a $22 Million contract to provide Enhanced VPN services. That is how seriously the USA needs to consider VPN! 

Click Carefully When You Click Without a VPN

Employing just the right amount of your information and the right channels, even a teenager can strip you of all your property and place you under mountains of debt within minutes. The perpetrator doesn’t even have to be sitting in the US. Unless you use a VPN, the threat to your security and privacy is global.

Every time you use the internet anywhere in the US, you transmit personal information such as credit card, social security and membership numbers. The cost of remaining unprotected is equal to the worth of everything you have to your name! Tread Carefully.

Key Takeaways

  • 85% American adults use internet – 56% American adults own internet-enabled smart phones
  • USA lands second (behind China) in the list of countries with the highest number of internet users
  • The NSA’s Prism program collects data directly from the servers of giants like Facebook, Google and Apple
  • Every-man-for-himself! Firewalls and antivirus don’t cut it anymore! Get a VPN!


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