About VPNInsights

VPNInsights aims to provide you privacy awareness and free tools to detect your online privacy status. It also gives you the best solutions to protect your privacy and prevent security threats.

It is an efficient tool to check your online presence and the efficacy of the browser and security tools you are using. Through providing IPLeak Test, DNS Leak Test, ISP throttling and WebRTC testing tool, VPNInsights give you an opportunity to have an absolute idea on what incentives you may take to strengthen your anonymity.

The services provided here are absolutely free for the users and are initiated with the ambitions to serve the individuals for their better privacy. Through the usage of all these tools, the internet users will become more informed about their online presence.

About Our Tools

IP Leak

Most often IP is used as a tracking element by snooping entities including hackers, ISPs, Government agencies and other third parties. Therefore, many individuals use IP obscuring elements to hide IP address. Our IP leak tool helps you to find out the efficiency of your tool through accurate inspection that whether your IP is leaking or not.

DNS Leak

Even after the usage of privacy tools, your DNS may be leaking. DNS leak could be a considerable threat as it may provide your internet activity record to your ISP. With VPNInsight’s DNS leak tool, you could check the effectiveness of your privacy tool that is, the DNS is leaking or not.

ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is experienced by most of the individuals but sometimes it’s not just due to heavy torrent downloads or streaming but your ISP may be involved in limiting your bandwidth. The ISP Throttling tool at VPNInsights gives you a clear idea that whether your speed is down or not.

Browser Security

Browser security is to protect the browser from vulnerability and malware invasion which is strengthened through many elements. The VPNInsight Browser Security tool makes sure to check the narrowest possible information of the browser and operating system you are using.

WebRTC Leak

WebRTC feature could leak your IP address even when you are behind a privacy tool like VPN. Unfortunately, it is enabled by default in many of the browsers without you being aware. VPNInsight’s WebRTC tool is most effective to figure out that whether your browser is leaking WebRTC or not. It helps to detect either the browser setting or privacy tool efficiency.