Am I Being Throttled ? Test ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is a term used for reduced internet speed which is adjusted by the internet provider. This is an extreme hassle usually faced by the internet users while browsing internet content and downloading files. However, with the overturning of the net-neutrality rule set, the chances of ISP throttling are extreme without any legal restrictions.

ISP usually slows down the speed due to certain reasons such as to reduce traffic load on servers at peak times. Also, they degrade certain sites or search engines to increase traffic on their own channels or to the ones who are paying them.

Am I Being Throttled? Test if ISP is Throttling

Most people complain about slow speed at the end of the month and that’s probably because their ISP has restricted them to a certain threshold. To save data, your internet provider imposes a bandwidth cap and when you reach that data limit your internet speed becomes miserably low.

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There are some other reasons as well, on which you as a user could experience slow internet speed due to ISP throttling are;

  • ISP may throttle bandwidth at a specific time in a day to reduce congestion on its servers.

You can confirm ISP throttling in this situation through regularly monitoring the time when you face such speed lags and then perform speed test at that time and compare it with your allocated bandwidth speed. If there is a huge difference than your ISP might be speed throttling.

However, to avoid ISP throttling you may use a VPN which could also help you with better speed testing.

  • Some ISPs specify a certain data limit and once a user reaches that, his/her internet slows down regardless of the traffic type. This type of bandwidth limit is sometimes addressed to the users; however, sometimes it might remain unknown.

When you think that you have used enough of your internet data then it’s better to check that all your downloaded data and streamed content which you have consumed so far. If it’s more than your internet’s package then make sure you have all your dues cleared to evade speed lags in future.

  • ISPs specifically restrict bandwidth usage when an individual access stuff like torrenting or is downloading streaming content in excess.

It is possible that you haven’t exceeded the limit of your internet data but when ISP identifies a user in torrenting activities through IP address, they limit your speed. To confirm speed slowdown, execute the speed test with and without VPN connection.

Also, a VPN obscure your IP address so that you can carry on torrenting and streaming activities without your ISP’s risk.

  • It is also possible that an internet provider hinders traffic of a certain website or a certain kind of traffic. For instance, an internet provider may lower the speed when a user makes heavy downloads from Netflix.

For this situation also, you need a VPN connection to check the speed performance. Yet, a VPN is beneficial to evade such issue effectively because you have many server locations to switch. Therefore, with an IP address of your selected server, you can bypass restrictions which are with your real location.

  • After Net-Neutrality repeal, the throttled speed could be a routine to you if your internet provider decides to benefit from it and it’s pretty obvious. This rule set has given a free hand to the ISPs as they could prioritize content over money or favoritism and they have no legal barriers for it now.

If you are a US citizen, it is most probable that your internet provider is taking advantage of new FCC rule set. A VPN could evade this issue by connecting you to a server located in another country.

So, Now Are You Being Throttled?

Various times, we as an internet user face an outdated internet speed but remain ignorant of it. It is possible that a heavy file takes the time or streaming content is loading slowly due to its large size, but if you experience it frequently then you must check and Bypass ISP throttling.

To avoid all these situations, there are various ways; however, a VPN is the most comprehensive way to evade and confirm the ISP throttling in most cases.

There are many VPN providers, however, with some reputable VPNs, you have a free trial period of minimum one week to test the VPN performance. Yet, it’s a good chance to test ISP throttling and resolve it at once with other security benefits.