Check Torrent IP: How To Check Your Torrent IP

This tool will let you know the IP coming from the torrent client when you are connected to a VPN. Torrent VPN IP shows that your VPN is encrypting uTorrent or BitTorrent traffic or not.

Here is the simple way to check torrent IP with VPNInsights.
  • Connect to the VPN and reload the page. In the left side box your VPN server IP will be displayed.
  • Now, click “Load Torrent File.” Your file will be ready in few seconds.
  • Then click on “Magnet Link” and open this file in your torrent client such as uTorrent or Bittorrent.
  • Once the downloading gets started, come back to this tool page and check the IP displayed in the right-side box.

Results:If both the IPs are same, your VPN is not leaking the Torrent IP and the torrent traffic is also getting encryption through VPN.

To enhance the testing, it’s highly recommending to check DNS Leak test as well.

If not, then your VPN might be leaking torrent data.

What is Torrent IP?

IP is a unique set of numbers that is an identifier to every device which connects it to the internet and other devices on the internet. It pinpoints the location of a device among the billions of devices all around the world.

But, to maintain anonymity people use VPN or proxy which has the basic purpose to hide IP address and replace it with a fake one.

Now, what torrent IP means, is your torrent client's IP address when you are connected to a VPN or proxy. In many ways your real IP can expose while torrenting with torrent proxy or VPN.

How to Prevent Torrent IP leak?

The common issues like VPN connection drops, misconfigured proxies, misconfigured firewalls and client software bugs could leak torrent IP. Therefore, you need to test a VPN before considering it.

Some important VPN tests are:

To avoid these leaks, some VPNs have introduced advances features which are especially designed after analysing the root causes of such leaks.