IP Leak Test: Check Your VPN Leak Test

There are many people using VPN (virtual Private Internet) for maximum privacy and security and for many other reasons. However, a VPN could be revealing your IP address despite the main purpose of VPN to hide IP address and that's what we call IP leak. Therefore, you are recommended to test IP leak regularly.

Here is the simple steps for figure out!

  • 1Check Your Real IP Information
  • 2Connect Your VPN and RUN
  • 3Compare the Results of Step #1 and Step #2
  • 4Check if your browser leaking your real IP

Test Result

Test results are the best way you could deal the flaws and accurately fix them. If the stats of VPN connection are varying with the VPN disabled stats than your VPN is working perfectly. But, if you are displayed with same IP address or your WebRTC is leaking then it’s a serious concern for which you should work as soon as possible.

How to test IP Leak

Our IP Leak Test Tool helps you to accurately figure out that whether your IP is leaking or not. It needs just a few seconds to judge your VPN performance or any other flaw due to which the VPN IP is leaking.

All you need is just perform the IP leak test without VPN connection first and then again run the same test after connecting your VPN. In both the cases, the same set of information will be displayed to you; however, the IP in both the datasets should be different from each other. But if you have same results for both situations, then your IP is leaking and it’s a serious concern and you must follow IP leak preventions!

Different way of IP Leak


Usually, this DNS is set to the ISP server as a default in your device and therefore, your all online activities are visible to them. But there isn’t a single, central DNS server to which everyone is accessing for URL translation. There are various DNS servers in the world including the ISP server and third-party server such as OpenDNS.

So, as a caution, you must change DNS setting on your computer or router to prevent DNS leak and ISP snooping but first confirm it through IP leak test.

WebRTC IP Leak

WebRTC could leak IP address to the websites just after a little effort by these sites. Technology like VPN could also prove to be ineffective if WebRTC feature is enabled into your browser’s setting.

Unfortunately, most of the popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have default enabled WebRTC. You could confirm this with IP leak test or WebRTC test tool and then you must follow measures to prevent WebRTC leak.


Most individuals nowadays use privacy tool such as VPN to obscure the IP address. While using VPN your IP must remain anonymous as the DNS server is set to the VPN’s anonymous server. Yet, sometimes the browser ignores the VPN server and sends a request to the ISP server, which is known as DNS leak .

This could be more harmful as you carry out activities thinking yourself safe, whereas, that’s not the case. Fortunately, you could avoid such negligence by performing IP leak test.

Torrent IP Leak

While torrenting and file sharing, this is a most common threat the torrent users have to face. Most often, the torrent swarms are actively being tracked by specialized software which is controlled by the ISPs, third-party companies, and sometimes by research institutes.

Every device that is sharing the file in a torrent swarm is easily capable of monitoring or viewing the IPs of other computer devices. This IP address could be used to trace back the specific device or computer account.

To obscure the online identity, many individuals use a VPN or Torrent proxy for privacy and security. It’s a good approach, yet, the users of these services remain negligent to check if the service is working properly or not. Therefore, it is recommended to perform IP leak test.

Some torrent clients are vulnerable to leak or an individual may forget to configure the client properly which could be extra ticks on the checkboxes and disabling features such as DHT and PEX.

Email IP Leak

The email could also be a potential source of leaking your real IP address. When you send a message via email, there is a header containing some information and that could reveal unwanted information such as IP.

You might notice that the IP address is not included in your mail if you are accessing Gmail via web service, but it is included if you use a third party program.

Test and Check IP Leak

Testing and checking IP leak is an easy task to perform. All you have to do is to access the IP leak tool and check whether your IP is leaking or not.

Prevent IP Leak

There are many ways to prevent IP leak , yet the foremost thing is to execute IP leak test. Now, if you are presented with the results that confirm IP leak than follow some preventing techniques.

IP leak could be prevented through VPN download, browser’s setting alteration and torrent setting tweaks.